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June is the best month to sell a home in Orlando

June may be known for weddings, but it is also the best month to sell a home in the Orlando MSA, according to a new ATTOM Data Solutions analysis of area sales from 2011 to 2017. The numbers show that homeowners who sold their homes in June enjoyed the biggest premiums above estimated market value — a median of 1.5 percent — than any other month.

Orlando MSA
Month Rankings By
Premium Above Estimated Market Value

1. June+1.5%
2. April+1.0%
3. May … +0.9%
4. July+0.6%
4. September … 0.6%
7. December+0.0%
7. January-0.6%
7. November-0.6%
9. March-0.9%    
10. August-1.0%
11.  February-1.2%
12. October … -1.3%

Conversely, buyers in October enjoyed the greatest discount at a median of -1.3 percent.

From a nationwide perspective May is the best time to sell, with data from all housing markets in the U.S. combined indicating that sellers received a +5.9 percent boost in that month (compared to a +1.6 percent boost in December). And if you really want to get into the weeds, the best days to sell across the U.S. are February 25 and August 14, with both days scoring a +4.0 percent seller premium.

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Smartest Day To Sell Infographic

Source ATTOM Data Solutions

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